Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sunny in Seattle

Seattle is a very beautiful city, especially when it's sunny. So far, the weather has been awesome for me everywhere I've been so far, even with the brief 30 minute hail storm. The 3 days I spent in Seattle was the best weather they've had for a while.

* My first flight was when I was 5 and a half year old from Beijing to JFK. I still remember how I marveled at the experience even though I at the time couldn't grasp the great distance, both physically and psychologically, that I traveled that night. I still remember the empty 747, the stewardess who gave me toys and the search for the empty window seats. To this day I still marvel at modern transportation. The world's busiest airport boasts 89 million people a year, or 244,000 people a day. Assume an average of just 1/5 for the rest of the airports we are talking about 40,000 people passing through an airport a day. Just think about the number of people we aren't on the ground at any given time... Anyway this thought came up because as I was walking through Seattle-Tacoma, I marveled at the fact I had woken up that morning at 6am in Yosemite, and in three weeks I had gone from Baltimore, to Montreal, to San Francisco to Seattle and in a few more weeks from Anchorage to South Africa.

* In Seattle, the Pike Market Place is an INTERESTING place. Blind yodelers, hula-hooping guitar players and flower painted ninja warriors. Fish throwing and the world's first Starbucks. Alex took me on some cool hikes and then an awesome BBQ party.

Anyway, this is my short post from Anchorage, will post more after my Kayaking trip.

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