Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Out of Oz and into Kiwi land

No luck finding a job in Oz, so giving up! Using my remaining savings, tax returns and borrowed money to finish up in New Zealand (in search of the One Ring) and China. Should be back in the states by end of May.

* So I've turned into something of an alcoholic. Drinking almost every night and going out. Really don't have anything else to do and it doesn't help that most bars give free first beers, so if you go bar hoping you can get 2-3 beers for free. As a consequence of this, Good Friday, we (fellow alcoholic backpackers) went searching for booze only to find that all bars closed at 10pm. We had already knew that no bottle shop sold alcohol on Good Friday. Everything was closed! Walking around we did finally find one store that sold beer. As expected, it was a Chinese own convenience store owner who didn't even have a liquor license. Thank god for the Chinese! They don't close on any holiday and will sell you anything you need!

* Job hunting is difficult. The Queensland Department of Health was looking for a Workbrain technical expert for 3-6 months. Fit my qualifications perfectly. I called up the recruiter, turns out they had at least two people who had 5 years (vs mine 2.5 years) experience. So no luck, heading home soon.

* So daylight savings was in March. So being March, I figured spring, and in Spring you 'Spring Forward' and add an hour. However in Australia March is Fall, so you are supposed to 'Fall Back.' Needless to say, because of my error we showed up at the train station 2 hours early at 4am. Life.

* After traveling for a year, I'm sad to say I'm jaded. I don't feel the same excitement I used to feel when I get to a new place. Ever where I go, I think that reminds me of Alaska, reminds me of Capetown, that looks like West Virginia, etc... etc... etc... sad sad....

Anyway in Kiwi land now, will update more later.

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