Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back in Civilization and Hating it.

Arriving in Hong Kong from China really did feel like leaving the jungle and back into civilization. The chaos, the neon lights, the commercialism is just crazy! And I hate it, not sure what it is, but something about Hong Kong is just off. I used to like this place every time I visit, but now... there is something missing. Maybe after seeing what the rest of the world has to offer, Hong Kong isn't as exotic as it used to be.

* I had issues at emigration and immigration with my passport. Leaving China, I think the Chinese border guards thought my passport was fake. They examined it under black light, flipped through all the pages, bent and examined the cover and even wanted my US drivers license. They also kept questioning on where I lived, where the passport was issued (as the US passport unlike other passports, namely my Canadian does not specify which city it was issued in), etc.. finally they waved me through. The Hong Kong side again held me up, but they wanted my name in Chinese, not sure why. I think a 'Jie Zhang' has made it onto someone's watch list; whoever you are... cool!

* The visit to Hong Kong was not a total failure, I managed to get my lens mailed off to Japan. Walked into a South African Airline ticket office to cancel what was supposed to be an already canceled ticket from Cape Town to Frankfurt. Yes, you read correctly, South Africa to Germany and I'm in Hong Kong. I thought I had canceled the ticket in Cape Town but it turns out I did not. Or as the ticket agent explained to me, I probably did cancel the ticket but I didn't refund it, seems there is a difference. I guess once they have your money they want to keep it.

Anyway, heading back into China today, we'll see how the passport thing goes.

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