Sunday, September 7, 2008


Been in training for China Climb ( for a week and it's been blast. The place has it's own cook who cooks breakfast and dinner Monday to Saturday. Really good authentic Chinese food. They have free beer, orange juice and Sprite upstairs (surprisingly the OJ and Sprite runs out before the beer). Monday was a biking and water rescue course. We rode tandem bikes, which was a first for me, didn't help my confidence that 10 minutes into the ride one of the staff's bike broke in half. Tuesday was first aid in the morning and caving and kayaking in the afternoon. Wednesday was Tyrolean, learned to set it up and then Orienteering in the afternoon. Really funny part of Orienteering was I paired myself with a local who lived in the area we were Orienteering. He just looked at the map and the marked flags and didn't consult the map again. We found some of the most random trails to get all the flags; the only group to do so. Thursday was a bike ride in the morning in the mud and rain and afternoon climbing. We got so muddy my underwear looks like I shit in it. Really fun! Friday was a hiking and camping trip, a day hike out and camping in the meadows. We had a surprise exercise on Wilderness First Aid on the way in. One guide broke his neck and back, one his arm and the other his knee. We managed to stabilize them after much confusion. The vista here is just awesome! Hiking through the valleys just awesome; through the rice paddies and among the rounded limestone cliffs. Just Google Guilin and/or YangShuo for pictures. I'm dying to get my lens fixed so I can take pictures of this place!

Anyway, mostly caught up on my photos, so go check them out!

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James Kell said...

Jay, sounds fantastic! Looking forward to meeting you all when I come by in October. Best, James